About the Voter Network

The Voter Network is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated creating a culture of informed, enthusiastic Kansas voters, particularly within communities that have been routinely undermined by the political process.

We do this through an innovative set of data-driven tools, including our shockingly effective Voter to Voter project and comprehensive voter information guide KSBallot.org. 

While there is no single storyline about people who don't vote, we know that democracy is strongest when we all participate. The Voter Network is uniquely positioned to bring partnerships to bear and break through the noise. That includes recognizing we won’t always be the right messenger to deliver a nonvoter, but we have the resources, tools and connections to empower the people who are.

  • Expanding access to information
    We built this website as a one-stop-shop for nonpartisan election information. 

  • Decoding ballots
    Voting can be intimidating. With our online ballot guide, we’ve made it easier for people to research/Facebook stalk their candidates.

  • Offering easy-to-use resources
    The Voter Network is continuously whipping up social media graphics and writing up content that can be copied, pasted and shared. No need to reinvent the wheel!

  • Encouraging a culture of voting
    People are much more likely to vote if they are encouraged by someone they know and trust. It seems intuitive, right? Messages about how, and where, and why to vote are most powerful when delivered by trusted peers.

The Voter Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Mainstream Coalition, a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan nonprofit advocacy organization. Mainstream was founded more than 25 years ago to protect the separation of church and state in Kansas. Over the years Mainstream has grown its body of work in order to defend the dignity, rights, and freedom of every Kansan against partisan extremism. Learn more at MainstreamCoalition.org


Our small but mighty team at The Voter Network is staffed year-round, assisted by the team at the Mainstream Coalition.

Lindsay Ford is our Associate Director. Before starting with The Voter Network in 2018, she worked for the Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, where she oversaw policy and project management. She’s also held roles in corporate community relations and on a number of Kansas political campaigns - at the local, state-wide and federal levels - including serving as Congressman Dennis Moore’s campaign manager for his 2008 re-election bid. [email protected]

Madeline Cochran is our Program Coordinator, working for us after conservation work in the Marshall Islands. She is happy to be back in her hometown where she has a history of volunteering for and working on local campaigns and hopes to create meaningful engagement that empowers and elevates underrepresented voices. [email protected]

Board of Directors

The Voter Network is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated, involved, and passionate people.

  • Larry Meeker, President
  • David Smith, Vice-President
  • Dr. Cindy Lane, Secretary
  • Kelli Oliver George, Treasurer
  • Mandi Hunter, At Large
  • Brandon Kenig, At Large
  • Ed Peterson, Past President


The Voter Network is powered by generous partners and private donors, whose contributions have allowed us to offer our programs and tools for free, which we believe is critical for bringing new and unusual voices to the table!

Our core support comes from a powerhouse coalition of local health foundations that are leading the conversation in Kansas around the role of voting and civic engagement on our health outcomes and the vitality of our communities. Thank you for your tireless work to remove barriers to quality health for those most in need, even when that means stepping into a space that others shy away from. We can’t solve problems we are too scared to address!