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The future of voting

Friends don’t let friends skip elections

Hanging out and texting our friends to remind them about the election

Our communities become more just and equitable when all people get involved and take action. Voting is one way to do that, and we like to think of it as the gateway drug to meaningful civic engagement. It’s also habit-forming. 30% to 50% of the people who vote in one election will continue to vote in future elections. That’s why we are so focused on reaching young voters across the state and helping them build their political power.

In 2020, Millennials and Generation Z will comprised nearly 40% of American voters. And just like the population at large, young people aren’t a monolith. Their passions, concerns, goals, and life experiences are as diverse and fiercely personal as they are. Motivating young people to vote requires a multi-pronged approach.

Are you a young person who gives a **** and wants to make sure your friends do too? Do you belong to a club, class, young professionals organization or youth group that cares about making sure young people are represented in our halls of power?

Reach out to join us. We believe this effort has the potential to change the political landscape in Kansas.




YazminYazmin is a student at Donnelly College and is super fired up about getting her friends out to vote in 2020. When Yazmin isn’t making democracy work and organizing her friends to vote, she likes to visit museums.

This is Pablo, one of our team leaders at Wyandotte High School, in Kansas City, Kansas. Not only is he a team leader there, he's a lead recruiter for his school's civic engagement series, a member of the Human & Public Service Academy, and plays for the soccer team.

Alyssa, is the team leader of To the Polls and Beyond, and President of the Johnson County Young Democrats. In her free time Alyssa enjoys volunteering on local campaigns.

These are high schooler students who organized their own candidate forum at Wyandotte High School.