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In Kansas, turnout in local elections averages just 20% across the state. Political operatives have tried for years to crack the code on voter turnout, rarely achieving more than a 1% or 2% increase for their efforts.

Recent research, however, has brought to light a simple solution with radical results. Pull the political operative out of the middle and make sure those nonvoters hear from someone they actually trust, which is YOU!

Voter to Voter is a project of The Voter Network. We ask volunteer Ambassadors to connect with people they already know: family, friends, or co-workers, to encourage them to vote. Studies have found that this is much more effective than hearing from strangers, and our results prove this.

If you’re thinking -- but all my friends are voting -- take a look at those turnout numbers again. You likely know a few people who need convincing, and we will help you find and motivate them with Voter to Voter, our incredibly successful program to get your friends and family to vote. No cold calls, no knocking on the doors of strangers. Just people powering democracy.

Voter to Voter launched in 2018 and the voters we connected with turned out at a stunning 25% higher rate than the general public. In last year’s elections, it happened again. Now, we are gearing up for 2022 and we want you to be a part of the movement.