Overview of Programs

We need more than just your vote. We need you to get others to go vote, too. The Voter Network practices relational organizing, where we ask people to connect with voters they already know: friends, family, co-workers, or people in their community. No call lists, no knocking on strangers’ doors.

This is how you can join us.

Voter to Voter
The original program with hundreds of teams and ambassadors, working in their own communities to get out the vote. Bring your own team, or join an existing one, you can make a real difference with our tools and support. Learn more, and join us!

City to City
A competition between local municipalities in Kansas to see who can turn out the most voters! Learn more about this program, and how your city can get involved!

Communities that have routinely been undermined in the political process vote at lower rates than others, including LGBTQ+ individuals. Our =vote initiative works to amplify LGBTQ+ voices across the state of Kansas. Learn more, and join us!

Faith in Democracy
Congregations across Kansas are joining a special program to get their communities voting. Large and small churches, urban and rural, are engaging with our nonpartisan VOTV tools to make sure everyone in their communities has a voice. Learn more and see how your congregation can join!

Youth in Action
Young people across Kansas are speaking out about the issues most important to them. This special project works with universities, high schools, and community organizations to engage youth in the political process.