Faith in Democracy

Faith in Each Other

“In these challenging times, voting is not a privilege we can take for granted.”

- Rev. Dr. Mark R. Holland

Faith in Democracy is an initiative of The Voter Network, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that every Kansan is able to be an informed, enthusiastic, engaged voter. This effort brings the tools from the Voter Network and its successful relational advocacy program, Voter to Voter, directly to congregations throughout Kansas.

UMHMFThanks to funding from the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund we are able to support deeper grassroots efforts in the faith community. More than 40 congregations in Kansas have already signed on, but it's not too late for you to join us. Sign up for one our introductory webinars today!

Sermon Guide
We are also offering a nondenominational, Christian sermon guide that you can request a copy of here. This is a toolkit for congregations that want additional guidance on how to include messaging around voting and civic engagement, and includes: sermon resources, bulletin inserts and Sunday School lesson plans. As we develop guides for other religious faiths, we will include them on this website.