Friends don't let friends skip elections!

There's going to be a lot on the ballot in 2022. We can help you make sure your friends get out there and vote.

Learn how!

2022 will be a big year for Kansas voters. We’ll have Congressional and State House races (with newly drawn district lines) and an abortion amendment on the August primary election ballot. There’s a lot of education to do to ensure voters participate in these trickier elections, and we need your help.

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to increasing voter turnout in Kansas, this doesn’t sit right with us. We want you and all of your friends to vote. And, we want it to be easy. So use this checklist to get it done and then help a few friends do the same. 

This won’t be like 2020, when you were hearing about the election every day on the news and in your Instagram feed. These candidates don’t have money to spend on big campaigns with TV ads, so they can be tricky to keep up with. But, the outcomes of these elections are super important!

This website is a collection of tools, resources, and programs developed to help make more voices heard. That includes our super effective friend to friend voter turnout program Voter to Voter and our nonpartisan ballot guide,