Questions about mail-in voting?

The Voter Network has the answers to your questions about how to vote by mail this year to make sure your vote gets counted.

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Coronavirus. Murder hornets. Voting shouldn't be this hard. Learn how to vote by Nov 3rd, what's on your ballot, and where to drop off your advance ballot if you have one.

How to vote

Do More Than Vote

See how you can get others informed, engaged, and voting. Voter to Voter is our flagship turn out the vote program, and we have special initiatives working with youth, faith communities, cities across Kansas.

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The Voter Network is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to engaging Kansans to become the best informed, highest voting turnout population in the country.

This website is a collection of tools, resources, and programs developed to make that happen, including our shockingly effective Voter to Voter program, and our comprehensive voter information guide.

Communities that have routinely been undermined in the political process vote at lower rates than others: youth, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and single women, to name a few. Their voices are not being heard, and policies can reflect that. Democracy is strongest when we all participate.

Are you ready to vote, do more than vote, and make a real difference in the next election?

Voting doesn’t have to be this hard!
Getting registered, finding out what is on the ballot, figuring out who supports what, deciding how or when to vote, voting... at every step there are people trying to make it harder. Voter ID, last minute candidates, gerrymandered districts, moved polling places, big donors drowning out voters... we can fix all of that, but only if we vote.

We’re making voting easy! Our information on How to Vote walks you through exactly what you need to do, and where and when to do it.

Politics is as effective as we are
We get it, talking about politics is uncomfortable! It’s so polarizing, and sometimes it just isn’t worth it to “be political.” And now, we know there are forces working to make us distrust each other and believe the worst! Our voices at the ballot box can silence all of those people, and bring our communities back into politics.

You are powerful. You, your family, your friends, and your community can work together to make sure you all get heard. Learn more about our efforts to brings communities like yours together to encourage voting.